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Today’s employees value opportunities to connect with the communities where they live and work. When you partner with the Livingston County United Way, we can customize a sponsorship, volunteer or fundraising activity to increase your organization’s impact on the local community.

Whether your employees want to invest in their community through charitable giving or volunteerism, we can help you make the most of your time and energy.

Interested in partnering with us?

We can work with you to tailor your philanthropic goals within your company and build a strategy to engage your employees.

Opportunities include

Workplace giving campaign

Corporate Giving


Workplace Volunteerism

Already a corporate partner?

Check out our Campaign Toolkit.

The annual campaign is what fuels all the community impact work we do. The Campaign Cabinet  team is at the heart of the campaign, volunteering to oversee partner-company campaigns at area businesses, schools and agencies. A residential campaign runs concurrently once a year.

The 2017 Campaign Team
Carol Griffith, Griffith Realty
Erin MacGregor, Howell Public Schools

Day of Caring Co-Chairpersons
Piet Lindhout, Lindhout Associates Architects
Jeff Blagg, SonRise Church

Campaign Team
Gladys Bottum, Refrigeration Research
Peter Bowen, Morgan Stanley
Pat Claffey, Community Volunteer
Kierstun Fureigh, EctorHR, Inc
Nicole Hankins, American Compounding Specialties
Brian Jonckheere, Liv. Co. Drain Commissioner
Kathleen Kline-Hudson, Liv. Co. Planning Director
Melissa Schwartz, Melissa Schwartz State Farm Insurance
Steve Williams, EctoHR Inc.