This training event is geared toward veteran and beginner employee campaign coordinators. 

June 15 at Livingston County United Way offices

Choose from two sessions:

8-9:30am or 12-1:30pm

  • Get updated materials and information about the work of Livingston County United Way
  • Share ideas and strategies with other coordinators
  • Brainstorm and energize for the next campaign.

To register to attend or learn more, contact Jeanne Clum today at 810-494-3000 or via email.


What is a workplace giving campaign?

A workplace campaign is an organized, company-sponsored fundraising drive where employees are asked to contribute to United Way.

  • Campaigns make it easy for employees to give through payroll deduction or electronic funds transfer (EFT). A gift can be made over the course of a year or at one time.
  • Campaigns educate employees and organizations about community issues — connecting them with their community and allowing them to make informed decisions.
  • Each company is supported with training opportunities, materials and by a United Way campaign volunteer. We can help you plan your goals and provide materials to make your campaign fun and effective.