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Annual Awards

Charles W. Itsell Volunteer of the Year

This award recognizes an individual whose commitment to the Livingston County United Way and the health and human service needs of our community during the past year goes far “above and beyond“ normal volunteerism.

2015       Tom Lampert
2014       Kevin Brennan
2013       John Moyer
2012       Jackie Rogers
2011       Peter Bowen
2010       Dawn Boss
2009       Kirt /Tammy Albrecht
2008       Brenda Ochodnicky
2007       Ron Beford
2006       Don Rohrer
2005       Piet W. Lindhout
2004       Becky Best
2003       Lisha Schilling
2002       John Chapman
2001       Reed Kittredge
2000       Dennis Gehringer
1999       Peter Logan
1998       Dr. Marybeth Roose
1997       Gregory D. Clum
1996       Randy Rudisill
1995       Loisann Teague
1994       Lauraine Hoensheid
1993       Gregory J. Earl
1992       Marge Buman
1991       Liz Colone
1990       Steve Dawdy
1989       Rick Scofield
1988       Ken Carothers

Donald Epley Lifetime Community Service

This award recognizes an individual who embraces volunteerism and service to the community as a way of life, is committed to the Livingston County United Way, and over the years has made a significant impact to, and contributed to the betterment of, those lives he or she has touched.

2015       Rich Perlberg
2014       Greg Clum / Sandie Cortez
2013       Patricia Claffey
2012       Judy Paulsen
2011       Teresa Plummer / David Rex
2010       Piet W. Lindhout
2009       Jerry and Janet Joseph
2008       Lauraine Hoensheid
2007       Jean Eckman
2006       Merrill Lundgren
2005       Jim Mortensen
2004       Doug Schyck
2003       Rod Jones
2002       Jack Browne
2001       Margaret (Peg) Siford
2000       Dr. Roscoe Stuber
1999       Scott Griffith
1998       Edna Lundgren
1997       George and Melanie Moses
1996       Bob Sweeney
1995       Doris Longfellow
1994       Elaine Balasky
1993       Bob Brandt
1992       Ann Bignell
1991       Donald Epley

Young Person of Distinction

This award recognizes an area youth to be considered for recognition for outstanding service and leadership to his/her community, showing true selflessness and an overall sense of caring for others.

2015       Sarah Cortez
2014       John Moraitis
2013       Kaitlynn Cortez
2012       Bryan Condra
2011       Michelle Pavlack
2010       Gabriel Seck
2009       Meredith Klett
2008       Drew Bolam
2007       Stephanie Onderchanin
2006       Joshua Tomaszewski
2005       Michelle Vogel
2004       Kristina Miller / Amanda Oke
2003       BJ Clarke
2002       Jeremy Dunnaback
2001       Paige Butler
2000       Dana Tanis
1999       Holly Przybyla
1998       Amy Conine
1997       Ashley Dugger
1996       Hartland HS Varsity Club
1995       Sarah Cook
1994       Hartland HS Student Council

Youth Organization of the Year

This award recognizes an area youth organization to be considered for recognition for outstanding service to their community, showing true selflessness and an overall sense of caring for others.

2015       Fowlerville HS Interact Club
2014       Hartland HS Optimist Club
2012       Howell FUMC Youth Group
2011       Howell HS Interact Club
2010       Ranger’s 4-H Club
2009       Hornung Elementary Student Council
2008       Howell HS Football Team
2007       Hartland HS FMLA
2006       Howell HS Pom Squad
2005       S.W.A.K., Fowlerville HS
2004       Highlander Way MS
2003       Howell HS Interact Club
2002       Brighton HS Interact Club

Randy Rudisill Business-of-the-Year

This award recognizes an area business that perpetuates Randy Rudisill’s strong commitment to community, reflecting a commitment to continuous improvement, people, hard work, customers, ethics, and profit.

2015       Cobb Hall Insurance
2014       Chem-Trend LP
2013       Citizens Insurance Company
2012       Livingston County Daily Press & Argus / WHMI 93.5 FM
2011       Asahi Kasei Plastics North America
2010       American Compounding Specialties